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Invisible V-neck Men's Underwear - Ivory Cream

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Are you looking for high-quality underwear for shirts and suits that wicks away sweat, doesn't slip, doesn't twist during wear, and is virtually imperceptible? Can't stand synthetic products? Is it important for you to purchase a skin-friendly product from sustainable sources? Then, we've created this underwear for you!

Its material is extremely soft. Thanks to its unique microstructure, it breathes well and wicks away sweat. It provides a cool sensation in summer and a pleasant warmth in winter.

For maximum comfort, we avoided using sewn-in labels; instead, the product size and care instructions are made with skin-friendly, water-based ink. This underwear is excellent for you if you also value a sporty appearance, comfort, and premium quality. Feel free and light in this underwear!

Material: 46% bamboo, 46% organic cotton, 8% elastane.

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