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We have amazing news! We have got the certification of the American Eco-Stylist

In June 2023, we reached a huge milestone for our brand. It fills us with great joy and pride that we managed to get the Eco-Stylist certification, which proves that we have met their criterias for transparency, ethical working conditions and sustainable production methods.

Thrilling workflow has been going on behind the scenes in the past few months. Along with our daily operations and our unique activities (e.g. joining a campaign addressing period poverty, cooperating with Leier Fit-Well Club, participating in „Rábaközi” trade show), we have done our best to get the Eco-Stylist certification.

Why is it important to be certified?

Various reliable certifications provide a great opportunity to communicate the values we believe in to our customers in a simple and clear way.

Unfortunately, greenwashing is more and more common in the fashion industry. This phenomenon refers to companies which try to appear environmentally friendly by using the language of environmental activists as part of their PR strategy. They create a „green” image of the company, their products are labeled „environmentally friendly”, „recyclable”, etc. In case of greenwashing, these signs are placed without having anything to do with protecting the environment.

All this generates so much noise in the consumer society that there is a huge need to use truly fair certifications based on important criterias.

What is an Eco-Stylist certification?

„Dress like you give a damn!” – this is the philosophy and motto of the American Eco-Stylist, whose goal is to show that it is possible to dress according to important values and do this in a nice, elegant and fashionable way at the same time.

Their brand guide featuring sustainable fashion brands helps consumers exactly with that. In their database, you can find all ethical and sustainable fashion brands. Searching for precisely what you want is made easier by filtering not only product categories but also other parameters (for example, location, inclusive sizing, vegan...).

The moment they founded Eco-Stylist, they focused on the idea of including men in the dialogue about sustainable fashion. We can truly resonate with this because we also draw attention to the fact that men are somehow left out of the target audience of brands striving for sustainability, despite men also having the same need for a health- and environment-conscious lifestyle as women.

Nowadays, Eco-Stylist does even more than this: they evaluate the brands, then help them through the certification process. After a successful certification process, they publish them in their brand guide and in the meantime, they also write blog posts. In their strategy, they combine helping conscious customers and sustainable brands as they actually connect supply with demand with the help of their own platform.

What inspired launching the platform?

Garik Himebaugh, the founder of Eco-Stylist, gives lectures internationally on the topic of sustainable fashion, and during his studies he also delved into the topics of peace, economic leadership, and social enterprises.

„When I get dressed I want to wear clothes that are a true expression of who I am, and with fast fashion that’s just not possible. Style is about aesthetics and values. I love knowing how each piece was made, so I can put together outfits that I feel good about and that I look good wearing” – says his introduction.

It all started at a flea market in Boston, where he met Peter Sacco, the founder of the Adelante Made-to-Order brand. As he shares on their website, Peter Sacco does what every brand should do: it pays its workers a fair wage.

This meeting motivated Garik Himebaugh to found Eco-Stylist in 2018 so that people won’t have to spend countless hours searching for clothes that are better both for people and the planet.

How does Eco-Stylist rate?

There are three pillars they use to rate brands: transparency (from raw materials to the finished product), fair labor (treating makers humanely, providing dignified employment, and investing in their communities) and sustainably made (using eco-friendly materials, investing in renewable energy, launching programs that reduce carbon footprint and water usage, and investing in circularity).

So, during the consultations, many factors are examined. As you can see on ÊTRE Organic Underwear’s Eco-Stylist platform, we scored 3/3 for transparency and 3/2 for ethical working conditions and sustainable production methods.

There’s always room for improvement (for example, investing in the local community and measuring our carbon footprint), but these scores, the whole process and the fact that we managed to get this far gave us a huge boost and motivation to continue on this road. We hope you also like what we represent with this certification and how our brand appears on the Eco-Stylist platform. We look forward to hearing your feedback at!

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